Giroform Digital Carbonless Paper

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Manufacturer of quality NCR / carbonless paper roll. With Giroform carbonless paper, the copy is produced by a chemical reaction between two different sheet coatings. The coatings are applied to the front or back of a base paper. This reaction is caused by the pressure of the pen, typewriter, dot-matrix printer, or other writing instruments, touching the paper.

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Carbonless Paper reproduces an image, text or signature from the top, and all the way through to the bottom sheets of a multi-part form. The leading brands are all here readily available. Our unique sundries section aims to take all the pain of print finishing away with some helpful products & ideas.

Superior Customer Service Every industrial counting scale undergoes a rigorous and comprehensive factory-testing process. But, when you purchase a counting scale from Fristaden Labs, we provide a full 1-year warranty on the device. Setting us apart from the competition is that we actually honor it and will repair or replace your industrial counting machine should there be a defect during the warranty period. What s more, your digital balance is supplied with an easy-to-read user manual written by native English speakers in a way that is simple to understand. Get professional-quality NCR carbonless paper in white and multiple colors in a standard 8 1/2 x 11 size, 8 1/2 x 14 size and more at … Fristaden Lab s Most Popular Industrial Counting Machine This counting scale remains popular because it provides lab-quality design and craftsmanship in a compact device.

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