Lifespan of a Turtle – How Long Does a Turtle Life?

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Lifespan of a Turtle refers to the age of an individual turtle, which is usually around fifty years. It also refers to the age of the turtle when it is first hatched. The size of a turtle is generally proportional to its lifespan. A small turtle might live for several decades but a big one may live for over a century.

Lifespan of a turtle ranges from six months to almost one hundred years. Turtles can live for long and endure and even serve a single generation or an individual lifespan with proper maintenance and care. Every eighth turtle in the wild dies within a year due to human interventions near the ocean. Most of them may live for a hundred years or more but this can also depend on the kind of habitat they live in and the type of dietary supplements and calcium they eat regularly. Visit here for more information best turtle for pet

There are generally three kinds of turtles – terrestrial species, semi-arboreal species and marine species. Terrestrial species include such turtles like terrestrial mollusks, hoppies, etc. They can also be found in freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers. Semi-arboreal species include such species as the Red Eared Slider, Green Sea turtles, etc. Marine species are those found in the seas such as the Common Leatherback, Caspian Sea turtles, etc.

Lifespan of a turtle depends largely on its diet, which depends largely on what the species live on. Land turtles feed on vegetation, while at the same time eating meat to meet their daily need. Sea turtles feed on fish, crustaceans, etc while marine species feed on small fish, plankton, etc. For example, the Leatherback Sea Turtle feeds mostly on fish, whereas the Common Leatherback eats both meat and vegetable.

Lifespan of a turtle is greatly affected by the age and health of the individual. It is for this reason that turtles are commonly breed with siblings so that they do not grow too old at the same time. Although, there are many species of turtles that are known to grow old fast, yet there are many others that take a long time to mature. The lifespan of a turtle may be long because of the slow growth rate of some species, or it may also be because of the species having exceptionally good resistance to captivity conditions, etc.

Many species of turtles are threatened or already endangered due to poaching. This is why it is imperative to make sure that turtles are not taken from the wild and traded between different countries. In fact, it is illegal to sell or buy any marine species in any part of the world, and every year thousands of tortoises and other sea turtles are lost at sea. Some rare species of turtles are also protected by authorities and belong to endangered species lists.

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