Product Roadmap Template for Excel and Powerpoint, for Google Sheets and Google Docs

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To ensure that the project is carried through from beginning to end, a robust product roadmap must be defined and followed. This slide deck will offer you the necessary tools to create such a roadmap and make any future product launches a dream. A modern and stylish Google Slides template to create product launch presentations.

It features an interesting style of roadmap design that uses illustrations of roads to create the diagram. A unique concept to have some fun with your presentations. The template includes 26 slides in both light and dark color themes, making it a total of over 50 slides. Some product managers like to let their users or team members vote for features on the roadmap.

And, of course, our top recommendation is to use Productific for showing users what’s up next on the product roadmap and collect feedback at the same time. For offline use in a document, templates are available in the next chapter. Planning plays a vital role for any business organization. So, to demonstrate this you can utilize this project planning implementation road map.

You can add them the same way you add any other type of image. From here, you can choose to upload a GIF from your computer or search the web to find a GIF online. If you’re new to Google Slides, these frequently asked questions about the software will help you learn more about the presentation-making app. Ease of use – Everyone on your team already knows how to use google roadmap template by so you can avoid the learning curve of using a new tool. The way companies set a priority score also varies from one organization to another.

Roadmap is an awesome tool for graphical representation of plans and schemes. Keeping that in mind, we have designed an amazing template that will make your presentation unique in f… Read our article on free Google Sheets Gantt chart templates to find additional resources and to get the most out of your project timelines. A product roadmap provides a calendar summary of the product development process. It outlines the goals, milestones, and deliverables of a product as it goes through development.

You’ll still find a lot of roadmap templates offering a monthly breakdown of planned features. Using a GO product roadmap template is best for creating a product that follows Lean Principles or Scrum. You can use it to set product goals, oversee release planning, coordinate with developers, and launch various products. A timeline template for Google Sheets is a helpful tool for making a schedule, tracking events, and setting project tasks and milestones.

Depending on the type and scope of your event and marketing needs, you can edit the template so that the timeline shows other dates or different campaign types. Experience has taught me that when it comes to presentations, good design is just as important as the content. So I put all my design knowledge into creating the best templates to take your slides to the next level. Every time a customer wants to upvote a feature request, someone on the team will need to manually update the spreadsheet, check your CRM for their account value, and copy any comments. As it takes this long to do, inevitably some customer requests won’t be added by your team and you’ll miss out on valuable data.

It can be hard to come up with a product name that is short, catchy, and unique. In the post, I will show you how to use OpenAI API to brainstorm and generate product names. Add any optional information that you want to track such as Effort, Details, etc. This format removes the need for dates, yet does a great job at showing everyone what you are and will be working on. Another format that works well is the Now-Next-Later roadmap.

A “”Product Evolution”” is the journey any product takes to better serve the customers’ needs. SlideUpLift’s mission is to make it easy for anyone to create world class presentations by providing access to premium training, content and templates. When used offline, roadmaps are usually shown as a presentation in meetings or as supportive info together with other documents. Users and buyers can plan with future product functionality, engage with the product owners and provide feedback. Planning and demonstration play a very important role in any organization. For that reason, we have designed a visually appealing template that will give zing to your presentation.It will help you in describing the dedicated timeframe within each pro…

The template includes 30 different slides with image placeholders, editable graphs, and changeable colors. Hands-on product development and detailed product roadmaps are at the core of any successful business. With this guide, you can now jump into your roadmap planning and ship those new features in a thoughtful, organized, and agile way. Similar to the goal-oriented product roadmap template, this type of roadmap centers around themes. For a more visual-friendly way to showcase a release schedule, this slide zooms in on one release cycle and highlights the exact updates and features that will be built on an upcoming release. Each task has its own progress bar, and team member assigned to it with various development areas listed on the left.

Quick – Creating a new sheet can be done in a few minutes, without the need for your development team to start coding. While we’re happy to share them, there are also some reasons why Google Sheets, as amazing as it is, isn’t always the ideal tool for creating a roadmap. Google Sheets is the go-to secret weapon that companies rely on for everything from accounting, project management, data analysis, reporting, and more.

It is easy to understand how new features break down and the logic behind them, and sub tasks required by the development team. Sometimes, roadmaps can devolve into cluttered release calendars with way too many dates. The Now-Next-Later framework is a great way to get around that. For example, Marvel will typically broadcast release dates two to three years out, but once films get further out, the exact titles that go with those dates remain to be slotted. Without a product roadmap, it’s easy for products to get overly complicated and for resources to get wasted.

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