Thailands No 1 Delivery Service

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The total price for shipping with a container depends on how much of the container you fill. Most shipping companies offer half containers at 20 feet long, or LCL, and full containers at 40 feet long, or FCL. UPS Worldwide Expedited, Saver, and Express can transport your parcel safely and quickly to Thailand. The cost will not exceed $250 with a delivery time of 3-5 days. Before you set out to ship packages and parcels to Thailand, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Then you might prefer an economy sea freight service for sending internationally. Whether you are exporting overseas or importing from another country, PACK & SEND has got you covered with the widest range of service options in the market, and highly competitive rates. With ShipBob, you can expand your geographic footprint, provide international shipping rates, and offer best-in-class e-commerce fulfillment and shipping services. UPS offers the same shipping services as other providers. But what separates UPS from other shippers is their Volume Shipping option. If you export products out of Thailand regularly and depending on the size of your shipments, you can select either low- or high-volume shipping.

Our delivery team collects the stated amount of cash from your customers outside of Thailand during delivery. USPS GXG Envelopes, UPS Worldwide Express, and FedEx International Priority deliver parcels within 1 to 3 days. Founded in 1907, United Parcel Service is one of the world’s largest shipping couriers.

Using this, you can ship anywhere in India and abroad using the best courier company and at discounted rates. I send a parcel to from Hyderabad to Australia at it easy delivered 4-5 working days as promised but is the best courier service thanks to ubt team. With RCEP in place, businesses can leverage on the gradual elimination of tariffs on at least 92% of goods, preferential tariffs, and quick customs clearance of small package shipments. We offer a luggage delivery service from and to Thailand.

Be aware of this when shipping items sensitive to high temperatures. ส่งของเย็นไปต่างจังหวัด Expect your items to reach temperatures of at least 105 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re looking to send items to Thailand, check out our guide to shipping to Thailand. Whether you’re relocating or going on a vacation to Thailand, you have the option of packing your contents in bags, boxes, and suitcases. It’s always a better idea to send your things ahead of time.

Our promise to provide the best in shipping, logistics, and marine services is one we take seriously. We do offer an express transport service perfect for drop shipping business. Airway Bill and Packing List are required for B2C customs clearance. Additional documents will be required if you are shipping restricted goods.

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