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They have a 97.9% positive feedback and 39,000+ transactions. They have running shoes and basketball shoes in their store. Hands down, their collection is unbeatable not only for the replica of Nike but for Puma, Adidas and other brands as well. They have almost 94% positive feedback and are definitely one of the top Nike shoe sellers on Aliexpress. Not that conditions in the Western world are much different. Chan tried to reassure them that these were the High Quality Replica Off White Sneaker possible.

The store has completed over 40k transactions with a 98.6% satisfaction rating. Now that’s pretty impressive since they have been running for hardly 5 years with a collection limited to 400 products. They have a bunch of sweet-looking Nike copy shoes on sale for under $50 and I happened to pick up a pair. I was truly stunned at how good the quality was. They are comfortable, and lightweight and even featured the Jordan logo on the back of the shoe, giving it an authentic look. Another new store on DHgate which we’ve had the opportunity to review is the Chaussures Pour Hommes.

The rest of the body is just injection molded plastic. That can be produced by anyone with the right equipment. And while I recognize that there are different qualities of plastic with different finishes, it’s still only plastic and only a pedant would be able to discern my ones from a genuine pair. Chan was unlucky, or lucky, depending on how you look at it. Instead of a failed product and fickle customers tanking his business, he could have been a target of a police raid, which is fairly common in Putian. But those crackdowns generally happen only to big-time operations, after months of monitoring.

You won’t find any major difference between these replica Nike shoes and the originals. They have a wide collection of Nike replica shoes that you can buy including replica Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0, Air Max Essential copies, Vapor Max Flyknit and more. They have over 38k fulfilled transactions under their belt and have a satisfaction rating of 97.6%.

All the materials, the machinery, and even the skilled laborers are already there. All someone — say, Chan — would need to do to create a successful replica shoe business would be to simply divert some of those resources into an underground operation. If you’re looking for DHgate Nike replicas at affordable prices then you should probably head over to Men Running Shoes. This store has some of the best looking high-quality replica shoes that you can buy for under $100. This store has a 94.9% positive rating and has more than 30,000 + followers. More importantly, they are a Top Brand on Aliexpress.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We arrange a worldwide courier free delivery for every purchase. Since the 1980s, both Nike and Adidas have held official factories in Putian. After nearly 40 years, it’s become a center of institutional and technical knowledge on the craft of sneaker-making.

The margins are better, and luggage is a lot easier to replicate. The shape of the shoe was different from the original. So when classes let out for the summer in 2016, Chan booked a flight.

Before long, he’d forged a partnership with some locals and sketched out a business plan. Like most dealers, the 26-year-old former med student started out as a customer. Here’s how one former med student started a successful fake operation on Reddit from the comfort of his own home.

This store is one of our favorites mainly because the replica Nike shoes sold on their page are made from premium materials and look quite like the originals. Their best product is Nike Air Jordan 1 and you won’t be able to differentiate between the original and the replica for sure. This store is one of my personal favorites as they add a lot of new Nike replicas every now and then.

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